Um, hi, I guess.

So, I feel like this probably won’t work.


Hello internets. I’m Nick.

This is my blog, I suppose.

A pretty girl told me to do this and I’m apt to listen to pretty girls.

Anyway, I guess I’ll be posting here just random stuff from time to time.

Stuff about movies, girls, random shit in New York City.

God, I feel like such a tool.

But yeah. When I think of something interesting to post, I will.

And for those of you stalkerish enough (or interested enough) to check this out, feel free to comment.

So here, I go.

Given my luck, this will probably become a site for child predators.

At least I’ll have some patrons then.


One Response to Um, hi, I guess.

  1. Skip says:

    I don’t like being called “stalkerish enough to comment”, but, alas, I have read every post. And I will continue to.

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