The Best Commercial Movie of the Year…

I’ll try to avoid movie plugs here, maybe.

Maybe I’ll try some TV plugs soon.

(Or some electrical plugs.)


But I just saw the best commercial film of the year, that I’ve seen: Cadillac Records.

Excellently done by Darnell Martin, NYU graduate and black female filmmaker. Great decisions with the camera. Interesting in moments in the script.

If the film feels incomplete, it’s because it touches so much history, so many interesting moments and so much that you want to know more about. Looked at as a music film, it’s better than Ray or Walk The Line by a mile. Looked at as biopic, it makes Milk, a pretty good film, look like a heavy-handed piece of shit. As a film about race it has more interesting things to say than any film this year and Ms. Martin has certainly outdone Spike Lee in his recent contributions.

That this film was playing in a small theater with a quarter-packed house is a disgrace as dishonest schlock like Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road garner more and more sold-out screenings. There is more acting talent in this film than there is in both of the previous films combined and I can think of several people deserving of Oscar nominations just within the lead roles.

Will this be another criminally overlooked film, like The Savages? I think so. But it’s 7.50 at Cinema Village, brave students. It took me a month-and-a-half to get someone to see this with me. Do yourselves a favor and don’t wait. It helps filmmaking when we support quality work like this.

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