An Appendix (Inflamed)

A short post.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine regarding the previous post.

He proceeded for 15 minutes to excoriate me for dissing his friend, the previously mentioned lanky “fellow”

In case it’s not perfectly clear, as I often walk the line between art and life in what I do:

This is a blog. It’s not a MySpace or a Facebook. It’s not my secret diary. It’s a blog.

The things I write on here, are things I share because I feel like they reflect something about me: whether it’s a movie I loved (or hated), something good I ate, some easily-mockable situation of romantic heartbreak, or just throwing up on the street.

They’re a way for me to keep writing and at the same time to articulate the moments of my life to not only give them more clarity, but hopefully to see if someone out there in this vast cyber-world (mostly full of porn) can connect with them.

Thus, please feel free not to take everything here as verbatim or an ultimate reflection of myself. And if it offends you, good, and I apologize.

At best, this blog should be like the vents the homeless people sleep on on Greene St: smelly and full of hot air, but occasionally good for keeping you warm.

So remember that and enjoy, fine fellows.

P.S.- Fuck you Dan. That was 15 minutes of my life.

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