Billy Crystals’ Last Column

I’ll try to avoid politics here as I think not that there are a lot of good blogs that do them, but a lot of terrible ones.

I don’t want to be one of the terrible ones.

That said, Billy Crystals (William Kristol) of the New York Times is a fucking hack idiot whose columns would best be served by pissing on them and then shaping them into a paper-mache dunce cap for him to wear proudly as he strolls down the sidewalk.

While I don’t necessarily buy the “wave of hope” effect sweeping through our nation, it’s certain that he is the last remnant of the idiocracy we just lived through and if the New York Times has to fire someone as a result of the failed economic implications of that idiocracy then it should well be him.

As a conservative, he doesn’t have the measuredness or wit of a Brooks or a Noonan (or a Stein). As a columnist he is neither of the equal of the excellent Frank Rich nor the Nobel-laureate Krugman, nor the meretricious Kristof. All he is a huge fucking tool, dispensing toolery to a nation that no longer matters.

You know, as of late, I stopped watching Keith Olbermann, perhaps since the election was over, perhaps because I felt him a bit too over the top. But I remember the day after Obama was elected, when he moved on to his segment “Worst Persons in the World” where he regularly lambasts fellow fools Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh. About halfway through his description of their ill-doings he interrupted himself-

“Wait a second! You don’t matter anymore!”

It was his usual hystrionic style, but he had a point.

Billy Crystals, so long from the pages of the New York Times, where you fit in like a Mormon at a sports bar. So long to your bullshittery.


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