Shilling for Candy

Jeremiah Newton is kind of a strange figure at NYU-Film, a giant of a man huddled in the office by the elevator on the 11th floor.

He does valuable work though giving barely-post-pubescent film-students the chance to meet with their heroes for screenings of films before they come out.

He also gets them to see cool screenings and even offers a job listing which many of my friends have taken advantage of to great effect.

It’s arguable whether someone else could do the job, but with Jeremiah’s connections which are myriad and many, he manages to do it very well.

His past, though one might not know it, lies with Warhol and the factory and his passion has been documenting the life of Candy Darling, Warhol Superstar and subject of some good songs by Lou Reed.

It’s a past I never experienced, but have only heard about in fantastic tale.

Thus I find myself experiencing a nostalgia for something I never knew, something wild, something art.

I feel it only fitting then to post the article about Mr. Newton and his remembrance here, as I feel somewhat indebted to him and also empathetic.

Finding one’s lost love in memory and moment, after all, is a part of what I’ve dedicated to myself here.

One Response to Shilling for Candy

  1. Brennan says:

    Hey, I read this article in the Times as well. Very interesting.

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