Morningtimes and Radio Days

In doing this, I violate one of my central taboos, a self-inflicted one but one nonetheless:

Thou shalt not blog from thy phone.

Still the impulse hit me as did the convenience–I arrived at class nearly a half-hour early and the urge struck and I could not think to deny it.

Last night, I did something rash: I downloaded all the songs I liked from my Pandora Radio.

For those not in the know, Pandora Radio is a web-based app that allows you, for free, to create your own Internet radio station, one that will cater to whatever your musical tastes: You can have a station that plays Bowie, a station that plays Cypress Hill or both.
I opted for a station that was a mélange of my musical tastes, the eponymous Feitelogram and it was from there my musical tastes expanded.

You see, one of the main reasons I obtained this-now-blogging-device-of-an-iPhone, was so that I could listen to Pandora in the shower. It was satisfying having music there and, where-as before with my blackberry I could only listen to music I knew, Pandora would give me a mix of new songs along with the satisfaction of old ones. It almost seemed like magic or ESP or some funky-musical-mind-reading.

So it was with some trepidation that I found and downloaded (LimeWire’d, sadly) the music I had indexed as my preferred songs on Pandora. It felt wrong as if I were transgressing into that realm and stealing whatever power it had, now that I could just listen to the songs at my leisure.

Still, as I listened to one of the new haul of songs, Dylan’s One More Cup of Coffee, in the classroom as I waited, my mind wandered as it would in the shower, as I sang the song and thought thoughts.

That’s all I’m looking for, I thought sadly after some impromptu gypsy-crooning; someone to sing the Joan Baez part of the song with me in the mornings, at Karaoke over Sapporos or maybe at night-time with one arm curled-round in the dark before sleep, singing warbly into snoring, poking, settling, sleep.

It’s the power of music, I suppose, waiting, thinking, in the morningtimes and in the gaps.

3 Responses to Morningtimes and Radio Days

  1. feitelogram says:

    oh fuck you jonny-jon-jon thats what you want too

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