Additions and Subtractions

A couple updates to my blogroll:

As much as I despise them for taking my friend Beardo (now beardless, thus via Zach Weintraub, “Chin-o”), Rob asked me to put up their movie blog on my blogroll while they are filming. Their film, an indie no-budget feature is called (unfortunately) Land of the Lost and follows some adolescent youngsters as they head off on a road trip to find out, well, something about what people find out when they head out on road trips. Zach is best known in these parts for his erstwhile mumblecore web series “Couch Potatoes” he effected with my other friend Jesse Fisher. Zach is a tall Jew with an interesting artistic sensibility and a good voice for singing Poison on Karaoke nights. I wish him well and look forward to seeing the movie somewhere around.

Also, I’ve added friend-of-the-blog Jason Lee’s blog up there too. Jason is known around as a “cynical, glasses-wearing Asian” who is reportedly anti-Armond White but pro-Twilight and also was challenged in these pages to have an emotion off with J.D. Amato and/or a robotic showdown with White.

He’s also probably a better writer than I am and his dispatches make up a visual survey of his time spent in Iceland among things too glamorous and downtrodden to describe here. It’s worth a read, especially if you’re a depresive artist-type considering your own trip eastward to Europe.

As for removals, I’ve taken off Beardo’s Blog, since it was mostly a beard-bortion and Jonny-Jon-Jon’s blog since he’s spending his time nowadays “downloading 25 hours of archival footage with which to make a movie.”

Have fun.

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