P.S.- Fuck Yeah, Obama or A Note on Health Care

I don’t usually do politics.

Also I, along with the great state of New York, voted for Hilary Clinton.

That said, this health care shit is stupid.

As pointed out on one of the few actually decent episodes of “Real Time With Bill Maher” that aired recently, mobile hospitals intended for Sub-Saharan Africa are being used in L.A. to treat the uninsured.

The people who are worried about socialism are idiots. The people talking about death panels are too.

While those people are loudly discussing nothing, people die every day in America for lack of healtcare coverage.

Why are we fighting about insuring them? Why is this a partisan or even a political issue?

Obama came out and said as much in this Op-Ed today in The New York Times.

If anything, Obama handles the situation too well, tries to overextend himself to hear the other side. History will remember him well for this, even if the public may seem impatient now.

As an Israeli Arab journalist told me, after briefing him on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “he is a listener and that is important”, above all else, he wants to hear the arguments, hear what people have to say.

I refrained from saying anything until now because it was my conviction that cooler heads would prevail, that this false outrage was ignited by whoevers funding these “astro-turf” people and fanned by the media, who by their nature go for the sensational story.

Insurance is not “Obama’s waterloo” nor is it some political lynchpin. A country’s legitimacy rests on its ability to provide safety for its people, as I learned in my “American Politics after 9/11” class. Providing that safety, in the form of knowing that you will not be denied healthcare for arbitrary reasons, is something this country has not had, which it is now seeking to correct.

The election of Barack Obama is proof of this and it will pass, despite the hububaloo.

Ross Douthat and David Brooks (along with some cooler heads like Jon Huntsman) seems about the only people in the Republican party nowadays with any perspective, but if the Republicans decide they want to have any sort of legitimacy again, they’ll work with Obama, accept his more than generous offer of concessions to his well-thought-out (and thus far mostly successful) plans and fight him on legitimate issues.

Until then, let us hope that we can still steal mobile hospitals from Africa.

Since not everyone can wait for the squawking to be done.

2 Responses to P.S.- Fuck Yeah, Obama or A Note on Health Care

  1. Lisa says:

    I agree but it is hullaballo. Not hubbaballo. Just pointing it out. Love.

  2. lala says:

    Astro-turfing is a reptiloid exploitation.

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