Movie Noos

Yah, I know, I’m not really a news or gossip site, but two items related to my journalistic integrity:

1. My co-worker at my doc job, a swell guy named Jonathon Norcross, emailed me a link about Whit Stillman possibly making a new movie, since he knew I was a big fan. So, since Stillman had been nice to me in the past, I sent him an email to ask about it and here’s what I got:

So there you go. I guess if you’re reading this, Feitelogram scooped Variety. Sorta.

Anyhoo, congratulations to Whit Stillman, a great filmmaker and super-friendly dude. I am definitely looking forward to the film.


2. On a much more minor note:

A baker whose small bakery I posted on this site asked if they could send me a box of cookies.

They posted it as a comment on one of my posts.

I thought that was very nice.

And I have no journalistic integrity.

So I said yes.

For the record, their name is Ruby et Violette and they were a bakery I used to go by on my runs, when I was an intern for The Colbert Report, when I was feeling down.

The woman there was always nice to me.

And I always thought their many different kinds of cookie-dough ice creams were quite the steal.

My journalistic integirty not withstanding.

One Response to Movie Noos

  1. Lisa says:

    I love the cookies. And you,too, of course. You redeemed yourself journalistically and in every other way by buying me a dozen for my birthday. That’s my view. Love, M.

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